Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review for Incredible Us by Deanndra Hall

Book Title: Incredible Us
Series: Book 3 in the Me, You, and Us Series
Author: Deanndra Hall

A homeless young woman. A respected, mature Dominant. And too many years between them. 
Dave Adams has been alone ever since his wife left him for her girlfriend years before. Of course, he's not alone: Managing Bliss, an elegant, members-only BDSM club, is his life, and with submissives galore, Master Dave has whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. He's seen his son and his son's best friend both find the loves of their lives, but Dave knows his time's up.
But that was before he opened the back door to take out the night's garbage and found a young homeless woman trapped between him and the dumpster. Compassionate to a fault, Dave invites here in and tries to reach out to her, only to discover that a hideousness has transpired and left her more than just damaged. As he, Clint, and Steffen, with the help of Trish and Sheila, manage to draw out Olivia's demons and help her begin to confront them, something unexpected happens - Dave finds himself responding to Olivia's softness and vulnerability, and her to his dominance and loving guidance.
And just when it seems their May/December romance might stand a chance, a plan gone wrong convinces Dave that the last place Olivia needs to be is in his arms. He finds a way to send her on to bigger and better things, but when her whereabouts become unknown, Dave discovers that maybe dates on a calendar don't mean that much at all. Problem is, unless he can find her, it won't matter.
Return to Bliss and the characters you've grown to love in this final intallment in the Me, You, and Us series, and find out what it takes to break into that scared, worn out heart in Dave Adams' chest.
WARNING: Adult situations and graphic sex. Not intended for audiences under 18 years of age.

Author Deanndra Hall has been one of my all time favorite erotica authors. She first opened me up to the world of BDSM, and it started with book one in this series. Each book has progressed rapidly and left me with the same feeling every time: amazed. This author has such a talent for writing and getting you addicted to her words. 

I've always been routing for Dave, wanting him to find love more than anything. I was so extremely excited about this book and couldn't wait to devour it, which I most certainly did.

Dave, being the sweet gentleman he is, took in a young woman named Olivia. I love the name. He brought her into his home and sheltered her with food, clothes, and all the necessities needed.

There's more to Olivia than just being homeless. There are people after her, people who did awful things to her and her friends and they won't stop until they shut her up permanently. 

Incredible Us tells a story of two people from two different worlds, who through all the obstacles, will never give up. It was a beautiful, 'incredible', and heart-warming story that left me laughing, crying, angry, sad, and all of the above. Great job! 5 stars all the way!

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