Friday, August 8, 2014

S A L E- The Dark Love Series

**** S A L E ****

The Dark Love Series by Olivia Howe is on SALE for a limited time only! Dark Love is now only $1.99 and Seeing Red (Book 2) is now only $2.99!!!! ‪#‎oneclick‬ you won't regret it!
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2 sisters. 2 brothers. Love. Fantasy. Destiny. Danger. Secrets.
Nina Mckay is trying to cope with the loss of her father and depression. She feels as if she's at war with herself and the enemy side of her has complete control.
Nina, her mother Ali, and her sister Caroline, live in a small town called Scarlett Hills. Nina soon meets Andrew Madsen. Caroline meets his brother William Madsen. 2 sisters fall in love with 2 brothers that have secrets that will change their perspectives of the world and of themselves.
Nina soon finds herself standing in the rain, watching her life fall apart. Her outlook on the world will change drastically and soon she will be opened up to a whole different fantasy world that has always seemed impossible, that will change herself forever. 



2 sisters. 2 brothers. Love. Hope. War. Revenge.
Nina McKay is learning how to cope with depression and the disappearance of her younger sister, Caroline. Nina has finally found her happiness with Andrew. They're two people who are destined to be together, even with the constant obstacles they find themselves facing.
But, of course, misery loves company. The Sulivic Brothers are back and they're ready to retaliate for the loss of their Brother, Gavin. They want war and they will do whatever it takes to seek revenge.
Can Nina and Andrew get through this obstacle? Will love conquer the act of war? And most importantly, who is going to win this bloody war?



Dear all you beautiful book lovers,

Today I am spending this beautiful afternoon with my precious nieces. They dragged me to the candy store, and we ended up at the library. I finally have some peace and quiet to write in my blog. I have been lacking lately with everything. I haven't written a single word in any of my new books in over three weeks. I recently got a job at a place called Mail Services. I'm the person that puts together those annoying flyers that go in your mailbox.. I know... I'm sorry.... LOL. I actually really like it. The hours are long. We never get to sit down. Other than that, it's easy and I enjoy it very much. 

I just talked to a lady at a book store and they might buy my books. That would be really cool to actually see my books in a book store. That would be the best day of my life. I actually saw a couple books by authors that I am friends with. How crazy is that?

Well, my niece is summoning me to play a board game with her.. I guess it's time for me to get off blogger now. First, I'm going to post an entry about the S A L E I'm having with The Dark Love Series. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IT OUT! <3

I think if I don't get off now my niece is going to end up dragging me off the computer. 

Olivia Howe