First and Only

There will always be something special about your first love. Years can pass; but memories and emotions are hard to shake. There is a fire lit inside of you, waiting to be put out.

But what if you had a second chance with your first true love…?

Author Mandi Gale is struggling to find her muse and finish her romance novel. That is, until, she is brought back together with her former best friend from high school —the guy she was secretly in love with.

Adam Scott is a professional boxer, rising through the WBA ranks and currently undefeated. He seems smitten and amazed to be reunited with Mandi, sweeping her into an inspiring, erotic whirlwind romance. But he has secrets back home that puts a wedge between them.

Can Adam continue winning matches without his good luck charm? Can Mandi finish her story without her muse?

The real question is: is love enough to bring two soulmates back together?

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