The Castello Holiday Novella Series

Alicia Hanson is a very single woman whose life revolves around her job at The National Gazette. Every day is like a broken record on repeat… Until she meets Cole Castello— a wealthy and handsome man who tries to restore Alicia’s holiday spirit. Can he pull her away from work long enough to enjoy the Christmas agenda? Can the holiday season bring two people together who are so utterly different?

Alicia and Cole Castello have been married for ten years now… and it’s starting to fail. The spark that was there in the beginning is now fading and burning out slowly. Is it her? Is it him? Are they not made for each other like they thought? 

Cole’s gone on business trips all the time and Alicia is stuck at home wondering what in the world is going on between the two of them. Their mansion is empty most days. Alicia has more contact with the maid and the gardener than she does with her own husband.

Is he cheating? Does she want to leave him? And most importantly, are these two still irrevocably in love with each other?

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