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Sneak Peak of Fugitive (Episode 3 in The Killer Novella Series)

FUGITIVE (Episode 3 in The Killer Novella Series)

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The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Fugitive (Episode 3 in The Killer Novella Series) by Olivia Howe
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Ashton Carroll (The Doctor)
Gwen has my daughter and she won’t let me talk to her. That’s my blood and I can’t even speak with her? I don’t even know what she looks like nowadays. I only have a small baby picture from when she was first born, and it was hard enough to get that.

I have my contacts check in on her all the time. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have known she was even pregnant with my baby! And I sure as hell wouldn’t have a picture of her.

I’ve tried numerous times to call her—at least once a day. Bitch has a restraining order on me. Does she really think that’s going to stop me? Never. I will never give up on my daughter.

I’m going to make Gwen pay for all of this. She will regret keeping my child from me, ignoring my phone calls, and not even telling me about my Mika. I’m going to torture her until her breaking point. I want to see her bleed. I’m going to slit her throat and watch her squirm underneath of me. I will enjoy every minute of it, too.

“Fucking bitch!” I slam my fist against the wall. “I’m going to kill her and her little boyfriend, too.”
She fears me now? Wait until I get my hands around her neck.

My mouth waters at the thought of her blood in my mouth. I will savor the moment when it comes, and it will come. It’s just a matter of time. She doesn’t even know what’s coming to her. Soon she will.

My cell door clinks and then opens. Five guards are all suited up and ready to take me to rec. Wonderful. I get an hour outside all by myself. It’s not even like being outside. It’s like I’m in a car with the roof down. Concrete walls surround me and fresh air swarms through the top.

Once the guards come back for me, they stand close, ready for anything that might happen. I’m a stone cold killer and they fear me. I can see it through their eyes. They better.

I elbow one guard in the nose and wrap my chains around his neck. We fall to the floor and I wrap my legs around him, locking us together. This is why they should be scared of me.

I’ve never liked killing this way. I miss my knife. I miss watching the blood squirt from my victims neck as they realize they’re about to die.

Alarms start going off. There must be a dozen guards trying to get me off of him. I won’t budge. Not until I feel his body go limp in my arms.

They start beating me. I can feel the blood running down my nose.

By the time they taser me, I release. I got what I wanted. The guard is dead.

As they continue to kick me and smash me in the face, I send an echo of laughter through the air as blood swims down my face.


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