Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baton Blog Hop

What the heck is a Baton Blog Hop?

Each writer involved answers four questions and then passes the baton on to another person. I received the baton from Amy Gale. Her novel, Blissful Tragedy, is available! It's a rock star romance! #TeamVan

1.  What am I working on?

I am currently working on two projects. One is: Trying To Remember (Book 3 in The Dark Love Series). Two is: My Lost Forever. I'm really excited about this project because it's a stand-alone book. I am stepping away from vampires for awhile. It's about a girl struggling with the loss of her lover. She got into a tragic plane crash that killed everyone on board, 150 people, and she is the only one that lived. I got this idea from my grandfather. We were talking about books, and he said to me, "What if you were in a plane crash that killed everyone expect for you? You should write about that!" And... well... I decided to write about it.

2.  How does my work differ from others in it's genre?

My fantasy series, Dark Love, is different because it focuses on a young girl struggling with depression. I don't see many people writing about that subject. It something no one really talks about or takes seriously. It's a very important subject for me. I wanted to write about it to show people who are struggling with depression and anxiety that they are not alone, and to stay strong. Plus, I added some cool vampire stuff in it as well.

3.  Why do I write what I do?

I mostly write about things I love, like vampires. They're just cool. Some things I write from experience, like my depression, or things that I think would make for awesome stories. I also have to write about romance. I can't read a book unless it's romance, so I definitely can't write about unless it's about love.

4.  How does your writing process work?

I usually think of a creative plot and run with it. Sometimes I organize myself with an out line, and plan some chapters out. Mostly I just pull up a word pad on my laptop, and begin to let my fingers glide across the keyboard and write the story that's clogging up my thoughts.

Time to pass the baton!!!!

I will be passing the baton to author Deanndra Hall. I really enjoy reading her books. I've currently been reading The Love Under Construction Series. It's absolutely amazing. I fell so head over heels for the characters. Deanndra is an amazing author. I look up to her so much. You could say that she is like a hero to me. Make sure you check out her blog on July 7, 2014. 

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