Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fall is ALMOST here!

Fall is almost here! My favorite time of the year. Especially at night, the crackling of a campfire, fallen leaves all over the ground, and last but not least, S'MORES! Who doesn't love melted marshmallows and chocolate on graham crackers? 

Not only is fall the perfect time of year for campfires, but also cozy sweaters, jumping in piles of colorful leaves, apple picking, pumpkin flavored everything, and more. The list is almost never-ending. 

September 22nd is right around the corner. Everyone get ready for the fun to begin! Check back next month for Halloween giveaways! I'll be giving away tons of stuff. You don't wanna to miss out. 

Enjoy the lovely fall weather.

P.S. Comment below your favorite fall activity! 

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